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Семинар 7 октября

Продолжает работу научный семинар «Прикладные задачи системного анализа» под руководством академика А. Б. Куржанского.

Очередной семинар пройдёт в понедельник 7 октября в 1620, ауд. 524.

С докладом на тему "Scattering-based stabilization of complex interconnections of dissipative systems with time delays" выступит научный сотрудник Института математики и механики им. Н.Н. Красовского УрО РАН, к.ф.-м.н., PhD Усова А.А.



The talk is devoted to a method for scattering-based stabilization of networks of QSR-dissipative systems in the presence of multiple heterogeneous communication delays. First part of the presentation provides a brief overview of the existing techniques applied for stabilizing

  • Linearly interconnected QSR-dissipative systems without time-delays (P. Moylan and D.J. Hill. Stability criteria for large-scale systems. IEEE Transaction on Automatic Control, 1978);
  • Linearly interconnected L2-stable systems’ interconnections with time-delays (A.J. Van der Schaft. L2-Gain and Passivity Techniques in Nonlinear Control, 3rd Ed., 2017);
  • Feedback interconnections of planar conic (particularly, passive) systems in the presence of time-delays (R.J. Anderson and M.W. Spong. Bilateral control of teleoperators with time delay. IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control, AC-34(5):494-501, May 1989, I.G. Polushin. A generalization of the scattering transformation for conic systems. IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control, 59(7):1989-1995, 2014).

Next, it is demonstrated that, for a wide class of dissipative systems with quadratic supply rates, the finite-gain stability of complex interconnections with multiple time delays can be achieved through an appropriate design of local scattering transformations. Finally, a numerical example and simulation results are presented in support of the theoretical developments.